• North Star Way is a publishing imprint of Simon & Schuster that offers authors an expanded suite of profile- and brand-building, ancillary services that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional publishing.


    North Star Way partners with its authors to develop strategies that amplify and increase their reach, providing a singular source for creating and managing the many diverse elements that will grow their careers and maximize their sales in multiple mediums. In addition to book publishing, the many different services offered by North Star Way include:

    • Original videos and audiobooks

    • Sponsorships and business partnerships

    • Seminars, workshops, and panel discussions

    • Mobile applications

    • Podcasts

    • Online courses and subscriptions


    North Star Way, led by Vice President and Publisher Michele Martin, has an editorial focus on nonfiction in the fields of self-improvement and inspiration, mind-body-spirit, motivation, wellness, and business inspiration and leadership. “With North Star Way, we are looking for client-authors—entrepreneurs, experts, inspirational figures, sometimes even well before they have written a book—with whom we can partner to build an audience and generate revenue, whether it be from publishing or other sources,” said Martin. “Our name reflects our mission for both readers and authors: to publish books that will help readers find the path to a better life, and to be a guide for our authors, not only through the publication of their books but also in the many other activities that can help their message find the widest possible audience.”


Michele Martin

Vice President, Publisher

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Cindy Ratzlaff

Director of Brand Development
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Cindy Ratzlaff is the Director of Brand Development for North Star Way, working with our authors to develop their personal brands, grow their brand platforms, and optimize the potential audience for their unique messages. Cindy understands the shift in how readers are discovering and consuming new ideas, and she’s dedicated to developing the ideal suite of promotional opportunities for each author to reach the widest possible audience.

Michele is publisher and founder of North Star Way, created from the belief that authors can engage with their readers in a variety of mediums and meet readers where they are in terms of their preferences for media consumption. She has held senior positions in publishing for over two decades. North Star Way’s editorial focus is on nonfiction in the fields of self-improvement and personal development, inspiration, motivation, wellness, business inspiration and leadership, and mind-body-spirit.

Diana Ventimiglia


Karen Adelson

Publishing Associate

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As publishing associate, Karen assists with the day-to-day management and outside coordination for North Star Way, and acts as the go-between for the imprint and other internal departments including marketing, sales, and publicity. Before joining the North Star Way team in 2016, she was an editorial assistant at Open Road Integrated Media.

Diana is the editor for North Star Way. She began her career with Harlequin books, and has since worked on practical and narrative nonfiction projects ranging from health, wellness, mind-body-spirit, and cookbooks. She loves working on books that help readers find a path to a better life and values helping authors refine their projects. She enjoys meditation, developing her inner yogi, and pizza.

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