From Meika Hollender, cofounder of the sexual wellness company Sustain, comes Get on Top, a smart, empowering, and actionable guide to sex for the #GirlBoss generation. Also the creator of GetOnTop, a national campaign aimed at getting women to take control of their sexual health, Meika realizes how many women are suffering from misinformation, fear, and intimidation about their sexual health. They’re worried about the side effects of birth control, confused about consent, sexuality, and cheating, and don’t know when or always even where to seek medical attention. Thousands of women were turning to Meika

         for advice and information. In Get on Top, she shares

          answers to these questions and more in her signature

           straightforward, enlightening, and conversational style.

Meika Hollender

March 2018

1230 Ave of the Americas, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10020