Preethaji & Krishnaji


As the founders of the One World Academy in Chennai, India, Preethaji and Krishnaji impart on their students the spiritual wisdom and practices that will free them from unhappiness. Mentors to some of today’s most inspirational thought leaders—Tony Robbins and Lewis Howes are fans—these “teachers of teachers” are making their powerful program of direct experience and meditations accessible to everyone in the pages of Being Limitless.

Through one student’s journey, Preethaji and Krishnaji challenges readers to explore their inner truth to move from isolation and suffering to true connection and joy. These practices bring clarity to anyone healing from past experiences, those struggling with the challenge of work, relationships, and everyday life, and seekers of enlightenment.

JUNE 2018

1230 Ave of the Americas, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10020